The need to reopen societies and economies requires a monitoring effort at scale with no precedent.

1. What an app is supposed to do:

a. identify new infections on a case-based basis,

b. prevent that people who came in contact with infected people spread the virus further or get severely ill by testing them promptly,

c. prevent these…

Tech will help reopen economies, but not so fast: the trade-off is public health-individuals’ privacy. Asia, EU, US… there is no pain-free way out.

The colossal task to trace and track back contacts of infected people or supposedly so.

Privacy or beating the virus? Privacy or the economy? Privacy or a fresh wave of infections and dead? Governments across the world know they need to…

Italy granted itself a time the coronavirus does not grant. Now it can help other countries avoid the same missteps.

Time is scarce to assimilate the lessons learned about how to protect democratic and free societies when they are subtly hit in the form of a coronavirus (CV) epidemic.


guiomar parada

My challenge: separating noise from substance when observing what the new millennium cooks up for our lives, work and ideas, its tech and the broadest context.

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